Flower exhibition »Flower-up« in the Goldhorn’s land

In Laško, the brewing tradition is strongly associated with horticultural activity. You will be able to visit various points and see a variety of floral ambient arrangements, prepared by women from the Chic Corner team.

The rich brewing tradition alongside horticultural activities in Laško remains constant. Visitors will be able to take photos at various locations and share their moments with others. Do you like legends? We have prepared a trail that will take you through the Goldhorn’s fairy-tale land. Did you know that Laško is the home of a mythical creature, which reigns over his land, surrounded by greenery, flowers and forest animals? You can see and learn more about the legend at the park below the Laško Music School, where you will be able to take a stroll! Beautiful creations at the other locations will entice you to take photos as well. Come and find them. Let’s create beautiful floral memories!